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the requirement of smooth after filling without wrinkles. When the discovery sweater above the hole is more, has been unable to repair when, the wool above is good wool, not willing to throw away, can be the wool above the tear down, add some wool again, re-weave again, weave a sweater can be woven, can also go to spend money to weave, weave a sweater before, clean the wool first, dry in the sun. If the sweater is more expensive, worry about their bad repair, but also to the professional repair center, looking for a handy repair division to repair, he will help you finish this thing according Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses your requirements, it is ok to spend some of the labor costs.
If the sweater appears broken thread, you can use crochet needle, find some of the same color line, according to the principle of weaving method to go a section