Please Read – Important Scam Information

To All Users,

URSU Classifieds takes steps to block spam and scam postings. However, no spam blocking can be 100% effective. If you have any concerns about a message received on this site, please reach out to

Recently, a scammer has contacted one user to bait them into an over payment scam. The scammer’s account has since been blocked, but there is always a risk for future scammers to sign up for this site. The best protection you can have against scams is awareness. Even if you receive an email from a scammer, your account is still safe. The true risk comes in when money and financial information is exchanged.

Below is an excerpt from the scammer’s email exchange. Watch out for similar wording and requests in messages you receive on this site.

Original Email:

I’m interested in your room. My name is Sandy Evelyn Raymond, 21 years old, female and Chinese Filipino. I’m coming from Philippine to University of Regina on February 5th, 2020. I’m very clean, polite, non smoker, hard working, very pleasant, easy going personality.

I will be happy if you can secure the room for me and also let me know the actual price per month for rent so that i can inform my Parent to get in touch with you about deposit payment arrangement as soon as possible

Thanks and have a wonderful day

Follow-up Email:

“There is nothing much i want to ask you than is pet allow in the house?

More so, my dad informed me that he has sent the deposit payment request information to your mail. Kindly check your inbox mail very well including Junk folder and get back to him with the details as soon as possible so that he can send the deposit payment on time. Let me know if you have receive his message. Thanks


As per the Government of Canada website, here is an example of an over payment scam:

“You’ve posted and sold an item on an online classified website. The buyer sends you payment by cheque for a sum greater than the agreed upon amount. When you advise them of this mistake, they instruct you to return the difference through a well-known money transfer service.”

If you receive a cheque that is greater than expected, do not cash it or send any money in return. If you have any concerns about a message received on this site, please reach out to



December 6, 2019 10:14 pm